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Do you love terrific chocolate flavor paired with a (perhaps unexpected) crunchy texture?

AGRANA Fruit Chocolate Crunchies – crispy is in vogue!

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Do you love terrific chocolate flavor paired with a (perhaps unexpected) crunchy texture – the perfect complement to tasty yogurt or other desserts? Then you are not alone! Chocolatey, crunchy tastes and textures are definitely gaining ground. We have examined the three “T’s” that underscore this trend more closely!

The first of the three “T’s” is “Trend”: crunchy inclusions play a central role in the categories in which consumers seek new sensory experiences. “Taste,” is responsible for the increasing utilization of “brown flavors” (e.g. chocolate, caramel, toffee and nougat) in yogurts or dairy desserts, for an improved eating experience and a sense of luxury (Source:Mintel). The third “T” stands for “Texture” and combines unconventional flavors with new sensory experiences that are seen as sophisticated. Textural inclusions range from marshmallows to shortbread, cookie pieces and chocolate chips or balls. In the area of “confectionery,” textural inclusions are even the key innovations. Texture and the sound when eating are also very important factors in the evaluation of flavor; the perfect texture is thus something that has been conceptualized at AGRANA Fruit since the very beginning, because there is simply a big difference between creamy, crunchy or chewy. You can notice this, for example, with our new innovative range of AGRANA Fruit Chocolate Crunchies that can be included in any fermented milk products. Moreover, they have a prolonged melting effect for a better sensation on the tongue.

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