Greek-Style Preparations

 “Greek” is a major global trend in the dairy industry. It can be found with low-fat, indulgent, natural and savoury dairy products.  Due to the interaction between this high protein white mass and the preparation there is a need for specific know-how and tailor made solutions.

At AGRANA  Fruit  we offer more than 200 preparation references dedicated to greek yoghurt. Our customers appreciate our expertise in developing tailor-made solutions for them.

Greek-style dairy products can be combined with the following AGRANA preparations:

  • Fruit preparations
  • Cereal preparations
  • Savoury preparations
  • Warm Flavour Preparations
  • Specialities and inclusions

Please find detailed information on these Preparations when you click on the respective title in the product group section.

AGRANA Fruit packaging solutions – to be checked with your AGRANA Fruit Sales contact.

  • Stainless steel container
  • Bag-in-drum
  • Bag-in-box

Agrana Fruit Quality Certifications: ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO FSSC, Organic, IFS, BRC, HACCP, LEED, SEDEX. There are different certifications depending on the production site.

We encourage intensively the controlled organic cultivation together with our customers, always using high quality ingredients for their products. With our valuable organic products, we contribute to a healthy and natural nutrition.

Affiliates with organic certifications: Austria, France, Germany, Poland, USA.

If you want to get more details about our organic production capabilities, please get in touch with the local sales contact.

AGRANA Greek-Style Preparations can be used for the following applications:

  • Greek Yoghurts (spoonable & drinkable)
  • Greek Frozen Yoghurt

 Applications of Greek-style preparations into dairy products:

  •  Stirred
  •   Layer
  •  Swirl
  •   Side compartment

 Applications of Greek-style preparations into Greek Frozen Yoghurt: 

  • On top: coating, topping, ripple & Sauce
  •  In the ice-mix: swirl, variegate, core filling
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