The global AGRANA Fruit Family working as a unit to find the newest trends in the industry for our customers

Generating fruitful ideas

The global AGRANA Fruit marketing team working as a unit to spot the newest industry trends and develop innovative concepts for our customers

The global AGRANA Fruit marketing team working as a unit to spot the newest industry trends and develop innovative concepts for our customers

Most of the year, the “AGRANA Fruit Family” is spread around the globe, but once a year members of AGRANA Fruit marketing community come together to exchange and share the most important and relevant insights in our respective markets.

In March 2017 thirty-four participants from 17 different countries came together at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria for five days. Our goal was to build on our thought-leadership discipline within marketing, through formal exchanges of current and further out trends as well as deeper dives into various categories.

As the global leader delivering inspiring fruit solutions to the world keeping our pulse on a wide-ranging and very dynamic market place is a core function within our marketing community. This year 195 customer products from all continents with AGRANA Fruit inside were shared, tasted during our meeting – allowing for very detailed and robust discussions during our time together.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the great work of our participants from US, China, Mexico, Austria, France, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Ukraine, South Africa, Korea, Argentina, India, Thailand and Belgium. It definitely shows that AGRANA Fruit is the only truly global player in the industry – our participants say it almost feels like a mini version of the United Nations.

Inspiring cooking session – off the beaten track to find new ideas for innovative concepts

After some very long days that were full of meetings it was a pleasure to relax and bond with our colleagues in the evening.  We had the pleasure of participating in a cooking workshop with a renowned chef, this was an amazing team building activity that resulted in a delicious four course meal.  The inspiration to incorporate the trendy ingredients into our daily work was an added benefit.


Ultimately, the cooking workshop was the perfect chance to enhance relationships outside the office allowing us to grow together and continue to build on our “AGRANA Fruit Family”.

Bringing the new ideas to life

Highly motivated and inspired by these five intensive days of meetings, everybody went back to their country prepared and excited to work towards delivering more inspiring fruit solutions to our customers.  Stay tuned as we will be sharing more on-trend insights and products in our upcoming Trendblogs!


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