Inaguration Celebration in Argentina

Inaguration Celebration in Argentina

The AGRANA Fruit team met in Argentina to officially inaugurate the acquisition of Main Process S.A.

On March 21st 2017, the management team of AGRANA Fruit met in Argentina to officially inaugurate the acquisition of Main Process S.A. The celebration took place in the town of Bella Vista, where the factory is located in north-eastern Argentina.

It was a far trip for the AGRANA Fruit team which being a true global company, travelled from all parts of the world (Europe, US, Australia, Asia…). But it was well worth it. The inauguration of the Company Tombstone was a very special moment for both companies. It was also an excellent opportunity for the AGRANA Fruit management team to see the company’s product portfolio, factory and also to meet their new colleagues.

Main process S.A. is a very special company. With a workforce of around 175 employees, the company generated revenues of approximately € 19 million in 2015. In addition to standard fruit preparations for yogurts and ice cream, Main Process S.A. also specializes in the production of syrups for beverages, fillings for bakery products and fruit toppings.

The customer base ranges from industrial customers in the dairy and bakery industries to quick-service restaurant (e.g. fast food) and the food service sectors (e.g. hotels and catering).

The team at Main Process S.A. is known in the industry for their customer-centric approach and their passion for innovation and new product development. They also have a very strong co-packing business that is highly regarded for its flexibility to adapt and support customer needs.

Main Process S.A. has also developed their own brand: Main Fusion.  This product line was especially developed for the food service industry. The product mix includes an assortment of syrups, toppings, smoothies, pastes, fresh cut fruit, jellies and fillings. 

The opportunities are very promising. Latin America is a strong, growing market and the broad product range of Main Process S.A. complements AGRANA Fruit’s diversification strategy. As the world market leader for fruit preparation in the dairy industry it’s no surprise that the AGRANA Fruit team continues to grow in a very strategic and thoughtful manner. We are excited and driven to pursue new opportunities that allow us to offer inspiring fruit solutions to our customers and to expand into new segments.


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