Fun Facts about Bananas

Fun Facts about Bananas

From historical to curious.

From historical to curious

Did you know...

  • that Uganda has the highest per capita consumption of bananas? According to the FAQ, residents consume between 750 and 1.000 grams of bananas each day.
  • that the 6th of March 2011 marks the historic day when Patrick Wightman broke a world record as the fastest man in a marathon who was ever dressed up as a fruit? He completed the run in Barcelona in a phenomenal 2 hours and 58 minutes.
  • that the biggest museum dedicated to one single fruit was actually built in honor of the banana? The Banana Club Museum exhibits more than 17.000 pieces, all of which are devoted to our yellow darling.
  • that the record for the most bananas peeled and eaten in one minute, namely 8, is held by Patrick Bertoletti? The American has not been beaten since the 14th of January 2012.
  • that, speaking of records, the biggest cluster of bananas consisted of a whopping 473 bananas? On the 11th of July 2011,  the bunch was found in the Canary Islands, weighed in at 130 kg and was the result of a project that ran over a period of 30 years with the aim of transforming a desert-like landscape into tropical farmland.
  • that bananas were mentioned as early as 600 BC? A true golden oldie!

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