Originally known as "forbidden fruits", grapefruits sprouted from a hybrid of pummelos and sweet oranges.

They have their origin in Southeast Asia and were first brought to the US through seeds in 1823  by Spanish or French settlers.

While grapefruits are sometimes overlooked among their yellow, orange and green counterparts of the citrus family, they are proven to have several positive effects on our health. Nowadays, more than 20 different varieties of grapefruits exist, whereby their nutritional value is dependent on their colour, ranging from white and champagne, to sweet pink and deep red. The 5 most common types include: oro blanco („White Gold“), red, pink, pomelo and white. Particularly red and pink grapefruits are known for their beneficial nutritional properties, such as high contents of vitamin A and potassium. We investigated further into the positive side effects of including these superfoods into our diets. 

5 reasons for adding grapefruits to a balanced diet

  • Grapefruits contain 0 fat and are low in calories, which makes them the perfect health-boosting snack.
  • Grapefruits help the digestion and utilization of foods, as they contain enzymes that speed up the way our body burns fat and hence contribute to quick and easy weight loss.
  • One grapefruit contains about 75 mg of vitamin C, more than half of the recommended daily intake.
  • Through their high contents of vitamins, potassium, beta-carotene, pectin and calcium they help protect our bodies against cancer and infections and likewise help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Their white pith contains pectin and bioflavonoids, making them a good source of antioxidents and lowering blood cholersterol.

Nowadays, grapefruits are incorporated in a variety of sweet and savory dishes and drinks, high-class and every day, adding a refreshing dimension through their unique balance of sweetness and tang.


Every month, we would like to give you a selection of the top launches related to our “fruit of the month”:

Brazil: One of the first grapefruit launches is a canned juice enriched with vitamin C and iron.

USA: A new kosher certified yogurt was launched, featuring low fat yogurt, natural milk and grapefruit flavor.

Japan: Fat free spoonable yogurt with the following fruits: grapefruit pulp, mango pulp, pineapple pulp and nata de coco.

France: A new frozen dessert features sorbet balls with fruit puree. Flavors are: orange-grapefruit, morello cherry, blackcurrant-raspberry, peach-apricot, pear and mango.

China: A new drinking yogurt with grapefruit puree and lemon jam. According to the manufacturer, every pack contains more than 100 million active probiotics.

AGRANA Fruit selection from the Mintel data base on last 6 month’s launches.

Please note: Consumption of Grapefruit can trigger serious effects and interact with certain types of medication. Please consult your physician.


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!