Coconut fun facts


We at AGRANA Fruit are very particular, and we have researched the ten most exiting and entertaining facts about the coconut for you!

we at AGRANA Fruit love fruit and have researched the ten most exciting and entertaining facts about the coconut for you!

You have probably already read in our blog the Coconut – the fruit from the tree of heaven - has many talents:
  1. It is commonly believed that the name “coconut” was given by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century because the three holes on the coconut looked like a human face. “Coco” means “laughing face,” or “grimace.” The English word “nut” was only added later on.
  2. The coconut is not a nut at all, but a stone fruit.
  3. Coconuts can float for long distances across the ocean and then put down roots again when they are washed ashore. There are reports that individual coconuts have even reached Scandinavia.
  4. At full capacity, the coconut palm bears fruit for 15 to 60 years, but under ideal conditions fruit production can last for up to 80 years. The maximum age of the coconut palm is between 100 and 120 years.
  5. There is a crustacean that particularly likes to live where there are coconuts, and it is therefore called the “coconut crab.”
  6. There are over 1,300 types of coconut, which can all be traced back to one of two genetic origins from either the Pacific or the Indian Ocean.
  7. Have you ever tried “coconut vodka”? - This drink, known as “Lambanóg” is quite strong, organic and free from additives.
  8. In well-managed 15-year-old plantations, some 9,500 coconuts can be harvested per hectare per year, and some 12,000 fruits in 20-year-old plantations.
  9. Coconut is used in a variety of cosmetic applications, more than any other fruit.
  10. During World War II, coconut water was used as an IV drip because there was not enough blood plasma available.

AGRANA Fruit is very engaged in methods of cultivation and the use of many different varieties of fruit. For us it is all about sustainable fruit preparations - because we truly love fruit!


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