Grapefruit Pairing

Grapefruit Pairing

Discover trending flavor pairing for Grapefruit

Discover trending flavor pairings for grapefruit

There are two flavors that have been growing more and more popular: sour and bitter. Consumers today enjoy more intense flavor experiences, including fermented, pickled, bitter, and sour tastes.

The grapefruit owes a big part of its „comeback“ to mixologists, who have increased their use of bitter flavors in cocktails, and now this trend has crossed over to the culinary world.

Grapefruit offers both sour and bitter flavors in a very unique combination while still remaining in the „comfort zone“ due to its citric attributes.

“I predict that grapefruit flavor will take off this year. If you’ve ever had one it has a sensational taste that’s very sweet and unlike other grapefruit. It also dovetails nicely with consumer trends: it’s a healthy snack that is convenient and portable.“ says Meg Major, Chief Content Editor, Progressive Grocer (Source:

A new way of pairing flavors in the kitchen is mixing grapefruit with tarragon or sweet basil, like in this recipe for "Grapefruit White Beets with Yoghurt and Tarragon". Each flavor on its own, but mixed together they manage to elevate each other perfectly.

It’s being used in dressings, sauces, salads, Asian sea food dishes and even as a seasoning for slow-cooked barbecue.

Another very interesting new pairing is mixing Grapefruit juice with Sriracha or harissa for a fresh and spicy condiment to serve with meat or poultry dishes. Get more information about special grapefruit launches here

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