Fig-tastic – Are figs the
new avocados?

Why Figs are Trending Among Millennials

Fig - Social Media Star 

One might think so, judging from the huge increase in popularity and social media presence. There is - same like with avocados - always an element of surprise when you buy them because you never really know what you get on the inside. The distinctive look, flavor and texture of figs are an excellent representation of Millennial taste buds but also of social media usage. 

In today’s age taste is sadly not enough, food must be “instagramable” as well, so to speak, to become a food trend.  

Figs have become one of the most popular motives for social media food content. And so much so, that there was even a significant hike of +500% in Pinterest searches for fig wedding cakes
No wonder that fashion, food and lifestyle influencers all over the world can’t stop raving about figs

Figs are increasingly making their way into ice cream, pastries, yogurt, tea, smoothies, and even chewing gum and gummies as well as being paired with savory options such as meats and cheese. 

Figs are increasingly applied in F&B

Growth of fig as an ingredient

Thanks to our international team of trend experts at AGRANA Fruit, we were able to identify the increase in popularity of figs very early and can already offer a variety of mouthwatering recipes to create your next hero product with this trending Millennial favourite.

Millennial’s New
Favourite Fruit:


Healthy and Flavorful

The fig tree (Ficus carica L.) is one of the oldest species cultivated by man. Traditionally figs have always been associated with good luck. Beyond presumed spiritual benefits, figs are said to have a lot of health benefits. 

Most importantly, figs are a good source of fiber to help with digestion. This health benefit alone is sufficient to “approve” indulgent snacks, like ice cream. Adding figs to the list of ingredients immediately allows a product to be perceived as healthier. 

Figs come in various tones from pale blush to almost black with a velvety edible skin. A ripe fig has a honey-like sweetness and nutty flavor with a hint of berries. 

Figs are not just adding a crunchy, almost gritty texture to creams and cakes, they also pair well with savory flavors like rosemary and cheese (especially blue cheese).  The versatile ways to pair figs makes them a chef’s favourite. 

Chef’s Table - Pair and Serve

Media and chefs all over the world are using figs to add flavor and texture to their desserts.

Here are some of our favourites:



There is no way to avoid figs when it comes to trending food items, whether the product it sweet or savory, and especially, of course, when it comes to ice cream. Both dairy and plant-based options are incorporating figs in order to cater to today’s consumer. 

Opportunities for you: 

  • Consumers are increasingly seeking fig flavor in ice cream, dairy  and bakery products due to the fig’s health benefits, delicious flavor and crunchy texture. 

  • At AGRANA Fruit we are happy to support you in finding the right fruit solutions to add fig preparations to your products.

  • Figs are famous for their versatile taste and texture. They are naturally sweet, meaty and gritty; and yet, they melt in your mouth. From a flavor perspective figs can be paired with both sweet and savory options leaving you with a huge array of creative possibilities. 

  • Health-conscious consumers (a growing target group, especially amongst Millennials) seek for added health benefits in their snacking options.  Figs being high in fiber are a perfect addition to serve that need. 

Feeling inspired?

We at AGRANA Fruit can help your company find its new signature product designed to meet the needs of consumers today.

Our team has a passion for great taste and works on creative ideas for bakery, ice cream and dairy with our customers around the globe.

Let’s create your next product together!


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!