This month the spotlight is on bananas


They're exotic, extremely healthy and come in a truly natural wrap!

They’re exotic, extremely healthy and come in a truly natural wrap!

Not only do bananas rank among the fruits eaten the most, they are also by far the most cultivated kind of fruit on the planet, more than 100.000.000 tons are produced each year. Asia and Oceania are the main production areas. 95-97% of the harvest goes directly on the fresh market while the remaining amount is used for processing, for instance in our Agrana fruit preparations.

We love sourcing

AGRANA Fruit just started a project on organic and sustainable Banana and Passion Fruit in Fiji.

The project aims to produce fruit in a 100% natural way, without any additives, based on the traditional agricultural practices by local farmers. Our approach is to drive sustainability “from field to cup”, improving our processes all along the value chain in a more environmental friendly way. This project is being supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) within the framework of a sustainable, environmental friendly production.

Numerous edible varieties exist which can be divided into two main categories: the dessert banana (Musa sapient, Musa nana) that comes in many sizes and colors (from yellow to pink or even black), and the plantain banana (Musa paradisiacal).

The “Cavendish banana” is probably the best-known variety, as it is marketed under the brand name “Chiquita”.
There is hardly any professional sportsman out there who hasn’t already been caught snacking on a banana, and for good reason! The yellow fruit provides essential nutrients that help increase stamina and reduce the risk of cramps.

Wrapped in the most natural kind of packaging, the banana is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, plus has fewer calories than you would guess from its sweet taste.

In addition, bananas provide impressive medical benefits. High in potassium, bananas are officially FDA -recognized to lower blood pressure and protect against heart attack and stroke. Also, bananas not only reduce PMS symptoms but also help to overcome bad temper due to their high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid, which is converted into serotonin, i.e. the neurotransmitter that makes you happy!

Here are 10 powerful reasons to eat banana:


  1. Sustains your blood sugar during workout.
  2. Protects against muscle cramps.
  3. Builds strong bones.
  4. Improves your mood and reduces PMS symptoms.
  5. Protects against type II diabetes.
  6. Aids weight loss due to high levels of vitamin B-6.
  7. Strengthens your blood and relieves anemia with the added iron.
  8. Protects against heart attack and stroke.
  9. Aids digestion.
  10. Acts as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel.

AGRANA Fruit is very engaged in agricultural science, methods of cultivation and the uses of many different varieties of fruit. Our global network of procurement experts and fields covering more than 1000 hectares of land give us a significant competitive advantage in fruit know-how and the application of the perfect fruit and its ideal use and geographical region.


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