Permissible, Indulgent Snacking

Millennials’ Favorites On The Go

We are living in the day and age of Reality TV. Many Millennial lifestyle trends evolved from popular shows and more and more food trends are following those footsteps. Netflix just brought us a spin-off to their popular documentary series called Chef’s Table: Pastry! featuring chefs like Christina Tosi, owner and chef of Momofuku Milk Bar. 

Chef’s Table 


Since pastry and desserts are getting more attention, it comes with no surprise that snacking is a growing key business driver for the food industry. More and more people seem to be eating outside of their traditional mealtimes, developing new moments of consumption such as pre-lunch snacks or pre-dinner bakery items. Snacking has become more of a daily pleasure, rather than an irregular special treat. 

But while consumers are not willing to sacrifice on their snacking, they do tend to choose smaller sizes. This brings more indulgent snacking options, like desserts, pastries and ice cream, back into the game, as manufacturers just need to come up with smaller sizes in order to meet consumer needs. 
This is an ongoing trend we have noticed while carefully monitoring new product launches and trending products, dishes, recipe search queries, and consumer reports around the world. 

Another demand we have noticed being on the rise is due to the fact that consumers today are becoming more conscious than ever regarding their food choices. When in doubt, people tend to not just reach for small sizes, but also for ingredients known to be healthy, such as fruit and nuts. Today’s “ideal” snack offers both. 

Fruit-based snacks are top of mind, when it comes to “healthy snacking”

Consumers want to feel that they are not just satisfying a craving, but also adding health benefits to their body by snacking. Adding fruit to snacks makes them more nutritious - which is a key element for consumer satisfaction.

For the food industry this trend creates one of the most interesting opportunities to connect with Millennials and other profitable consumer groups: Creating more wholesome (and nutritious) portion-controlled, fruit-based snacks.

Trend Elements to Consider 



‚Permissible indulgence‘ revolves around the concept of snacking without feeling guilty. This can be achieved by having smaller amounts/portions of products, with healthier ingredients, but without sacrificing on flavor or texture.

Opportunities for you: 

  • Consumers are increasingly leaning towards better-for-you and flavorful treats leaving the food industry with lots of opportunities for new products and small-sized options. 

  • Balanced diets are gaining traction among consumers. Nevertheless, taste remains one of the key food and beverage product attributes. At AGRANA Fruit we specialize in custom development offering a broad range of fruit solutions to boost the taste and texture of your products.

  • Smart indulging becomes a regular part of everyday lifestyles and allows us to create an entirely new product line for these new “moments of consumption”. 

Feeling inspired?

We at AGRANA Fruit can help your company find its new indulgent snacking product designed to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Our team has a passion for innovation and experience in developing snacking products around the world.

We look forward to creating your next snacking product together.


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!