Balance is the new detox

Health claims are trending big time!

Health claims are trending big time!

There is no doubt that there is increasing awareness regarding  a variety of health risks including air pollution, our 24/7 online obsession, and dietary choices that lack the proper better-for-you choices our bodies need. Consumers around the world are attempting to take charge of their health providing exciting new opportunities for product developers. 

While adding “detox” alone to a product is not new, it has become more diversified with the main goal to support health, improve body issues all while creating a sense of balance.

There are several categories and each target a specific need such:

  • detox to accelerate weight loss
  • digestive treatments
  • detox with anti-inflammatory properties
  • detox to eliminate accumulated toxins 

Detox has moved from just being days of consuming less appealing and satisfying foods or beverages like the once popular kale or kraut soups. Nowadays consumers demand much more flavorful and tasty detox options including great tasting smoothies and spoonable yoghurt. Also there is a whole new market that includes healthy snacks with ancient grains and truly delicious detox beverages like ice teas with ginger and green tea. 

But the detox trend covers a much larger target group than health challenged looking to change their ways.Detox in general is closely related to beauty foods, wellness and superfood (link to superfood article) trends, that started with drinks - mostly teas and juices (green smoothies,..) and has grown to include certain baked goods and dairy products that support the digestive system. The rise of incorporating ingredients associated with detox provides new opportunities for the dairy industry, especially for drinkable and spoonable yogurts. Dairy products in general are perceived as a good base for detox ingredients. They have inherent healthy images that can be use in conjoint in conjunction with the detox image. The assumption “inner health equals outer beauty” supports the detox trend.

What are detox products made of?

Fruit and fruit products are the number one ingredient in detox foods 2015.

Flavor recommendations for detox ingredients:

Given the high interest in getting healthier and staying fit, “detox” products are strongly positioned for growth.

AGRANA Fruit can support and inspire your product development efforts. We have developed various detox concepts for dairy and non dairy applications all of which can be tailor-made to support your business needs.  A few examples to tempt your taste buds include a drinkable yogurt with ginger, mandarin and green banana, a smoothies with cucumber, lemon and pear or a well-rounded nectar with apple, pineapple, lime, cucumber and ginger! If you want to know more about these great concepts, please contact us for a customized presentation and samples tasting.


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!