Leverage nature

Leverage nature

Harnessing the power of nature for naturally functional & plant-based ingredients

What is "Leverage nature" all about?

With the plant-based movement and the demand for natural food & beverage products becoming mainstream, one out of our six megatrends identified for 2020 and beyond, “Leverage Nature”, is a natural consequence of these developments.

This can also be seen through product launches across food & beverage categories which have registered a 68% increase in the average annual growth of products with a “plant-based” claim (Innova Market Insights). With flexitarians representing one third of all consumers (i.e. consumers who only rarely eat meat), and still growing steadily, vegan and vegetarian offers are no longer niche.

We increasingly turn to nature as our source of powerful ingredients such as botanicals, superfruits, mushrooms, seaweed or algae to enhance food & drink products that provide a natural and healthy boost.

All of this is combined with the desire of consumers for all-natural products, greater transparency in processing and short ingredients lists.

Check out 3 of the most relevant subtrends

  • Best of both: So far, alternatives for everything (e.g. for dairy, meat, fish, flour, etc.) have been THE thing. Today, it is all about hybrids – blending both to create the best outcome for the consumer: a tasty, natural and healthy product! We see hybrid sausages (50% meat and 50% meat alternative) and hybrid milk (milk with 50% cow milk and 50% plant-based milk) being launched as new products onto markets.
  • Plant power: Utilizing mother nature as our go-to source for naturally occurring ingredients on land and in the sea to fortify food & beverage products. Botanicals, mushrooms, superfruits, algae, seaweed and many more can be used as a natural and healthy boost.
  • #nomakeup: A new era of clean label has risen. There is a demand for all-natural, authentic products which are minimally processed or even homemade. Just as #nomakeup (more than 18 million posts on Instagram) means come as you are, these products are free from additives. We have witnessed a 15% growth in food & beverage launches with an “all-natural product” claim over the past 5 years and expect this to only continue growing.

Nature is taking the world by storm

Check out how these trends are making its way onto your dinner tables and social media feeds


What is the next opportunity?

Plant-based or hybrid products (i.e. the blend of plant-based and animal-based products) are gaining traction among the growing consumer group of flexitarians (currently 36% of consumers globally). However, long and complex ingredient lists, taste and nutrition are factors that still restrict the growth of this category.

At AGRANA Fruit, we offer a new generation of plant-based products based on timely and relevant consumer insights which are tailored to our customers’ needs. Our unique range of solutions which spans from single functional ingredients to ready-to-use applications, results in a convenient one-stop-shop for our customers’ businesses. Our products are based on three pillars:

  • satiety & taste
  • clean label 
  • delivering a platform for nutritional balance (minerals, proteins and vitamins)

Feeling inspired?

AGRANA Fruit can help your company develop the next plant-based or hybrid dairy alternative that resonates with the needs of today’s consumers. Our team is passionate about innovation and is well-versed in the world of dairy and its alternatives.

We look forward to creating the next plant-based or hybrid product together with you.


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!