Seek control

Seek control

Healthy and convenient snack options for at-home


"Seek control" is one of six megatrends we have identified among consumers for 2020 and beyond. With increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world, consumers seek to control whatever they can. For food & beverage products this means, consumers look for fast, natural and healthy food choices that help them to simplify their lives and to find the right balance.

A central mechanism in this trend is to measure & control. Consumers use apps, smartwatches and other devices to keep an eye on calorie intake, movement, blood pressure and many other parameters. They do all of that for the feeling of "having things under control".

Snacking is one form of consumption linked to this trend. It has constantly gained popularity among consumers of all age groups in recent years. A big shift is happening now in snacking because of Covid-19. The consumption of snacks has moved from out-of-home or even on-the-go to at-home consumption.


Within this megatrend we have identified three main sub-trends:

  • Fast good: Fast food was yesterday, now it is about “fast good”, the premium convenience offer! Healthy, natural and tasty!
  • Simplify life: A meal in a bottle, a dinner delivered to your home with one click on your smartphone or a subscription to a meal kit offering that takes away the hassle of thinking about what you will have for dinner, where to get all ingredients and how to prepare it.
  • Balancing act: Seek control also means finding the right balance in your life. To do so consumers try out different things – sleeping more, being more mindful about consumption of alcohol, sugar, meat or other products or going on a digital detox. All for finding ones individual balance!



The biggest product opportunity for the food industry related to this trend is snacking. The reasons why consumers snack are manifold. Mainly it is to satisfy hunger (44% of consumers globally), but also to enjoy an indulgent treat, to get an energy boost, to combat boredom or to relax and unwind are popular motives for snacking among consumers (Source: FMCG Gurus).

The global snacking market is undergoing a premiumization. Volume-wise the market grew by 1,9% CAGR between 2015 and 2019. Value-wise this market segment globally showed a CAGR growth of more than 4% for the same time period (Source: Euromonitor). Consumers are shifting their focus from basic convenient snacks to healthier options with value-added benefits like functional ingredients for certain health benefits like immunity.



As consumers get more conscious about their snacking choices, fruit- and vegetable-based snacks are gaining popularity. They offer a perfect balance between an indulgent treat to escape the routine and a healthy functional product providing them an energy boost.

The product portfolio of AGRANA Fruit  related to fruit (and partially vegetable) snacks fitting to current consumer needs is manifold:



AGRANA Fruit is the right partner for you to jointly bring the next healthy and indulgent fruit snack to the market. Our portfolio and expertise go beyond fruit preparation with frozen fruits, smoothie mixes, dried fruits and fruit bites and leather suitable as ingredients in many applications or as final consumer products. Get in touch with us!


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!