2023 Global Consumer Trends

2023 Global Consumer Trends

How consumers keep juggling health, sustainability, convenience, budgets, indulgence, and experience

2023 Global Consumer Trends

As consumer behavior constantly evolves and has been heavily impacted by multiple crises lately, we have decided to update our AGRANA Fruit trend framework. As of 2023, we consider the following four main consumer trends to be the prevailing global trends for the food & beverage industry:


  • Feel good: Health has been a consumer priority for a long time already, but consumers have adapted their approach towards health. We deliberately call this trend for 2023 and beyond “feel good” as it refers to feeling happy beyond just feeling healthy/well. Mental and emotional wellbeing are at the forefront of health these days.
  • Treasure world: This trend picks up on key topics like sustainability, naturality, and inclusivity. We want and need to take care of our planet and the people living on it. Technology can help us here. More and more consumers realize this and no longer consider technological developments opposed to naturality.
  • In control: With ever-increasing uncertainty, complexity, and multiple crises in our lives, we long for clarity and control. We carefully consider factors like budget, convenience, quality, and transparency to achieve a feeling of “having our lives under control”. Budget-friendly solutions helping us lead a healthy life are very much in demand.
  • Enjoy & experience: Food has always been more than just nutrition. It can be for pleasure, reward, experience, comfort, and escape. A key development here is that it has become more social again. After long periods of restrictions, consumers want to enjoy and experience food together with their loved ones and create shared memories. Additionally, real-world and digital experiences are starting to blend more and more. 


So, what's trending in 2023?

Within each of the four megatrends we can observe several key themes relevant for 2023:


A key theme for 2023 is energy management, which we address under “sharpen my mind”. Consumers no longer just look for products to simply get them through the day. They increasingly embrace clean energy drinks and snacks with all-natural ingredients providing them with the right energy level for the relevant situation they are in. This could be a boost for your mental performance during your workday, a short-term energy kick for your workout, or something to calm you down in the evening and improve your sleep. The possibilities here are nearly endless.

Within our “treasure world”, one highlight topic for 2023 is plant-based nutrition. This area keeps growing and, as we see in our “plant heroes” theme, consumers are embracing plant-based foods as a complementary source of healthy, sustainable, and natural nutrition. The rationale has moved beyond just alternatives to meat, dairy, and seafood towards including more plant-based foods in your overall diet. Especially botanicals and sea ingredients like algae or seaweed are gaining traction.

While health and sustainability remain key topics for consumers, increasing financial pressure is forcing consumers to “evaluate value”. Interestingly, this means many consumers try even more to avoid any kind of food waste; not just because of environmental concerns, even more so because of financial considerations.

Finally, another major theme we have identified for 2023 is the renaissance of food as a “social activity”. After long periods of restrictions, consumers are embracing how much fun and joy food can bring beyond just nutrition. Food experiences shared with your family and friends can be a great way of spending your free time. Recent TikTok food hypes like #butterboards or #charcuterieboards are illustrative examples of the fact that again consumers love to share food.


This is just a sneak preview of the 2023 global consumer trends relevant for the food & beverage industry. At AGRANA Fruit, we have a worldwide network of marketing and product development experts constantly spotting the latest trends and converting them into value-adding solutions for our customers. Interested in learning more?

Get in touch with us for a trend presentation tailored to your company and brand!


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