Nutrition strategies

Nutrition strategies

How our preparations can help you improve the Nutri-Score of your food products

‘Seek control’ is one of the megatrends we observe driving consumer behavior around the globe – it reflects the ongoing balance we seek between convenient and affordable solutions saving us time while at the same time supporting a healthy lifestyle. A famous quote expressing this nicely is: 

“Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.“ – Epicurus

Consumers are looking for solutions helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. According to Euromonitor, better-for-you food & beverage products are forecast to grow by 4.6% in value globally between 2021 and 2026.

Some consumers are motivated intrinsically to switch to healthier options, for others external triggers like labels on the front of the packaging or government regulations make them aware of their nutritional choices. There exist more than 30 different systems of nutrition labels for food & beverage products around the world. One of the most well-known one is the Nutri-Score.


The Nutri-Score is the official nutrition label of France introduced in 2017. Several other EU countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, or Spain, have voluntarily adopted it too. It is a scoring and threshold method to provide a final score ranging from A (best nutritional quality) to E (worst nutritional quality) supported by a color scheme ranging from green to red.

No matter which system of nutrition label is used on a product, they all have the common goal of helping consumers make more informed and better food choices. 


Are you  a manufacturer of food products such as yogurts, plant-based dairy alternatives, ice cream, baked goods, or beverages and wondering how to improve the Nutri-Score of your products?

There are many ways of improving the Nutri-Score of a food product, such as reducing the sugar or fat content or improving the nutritional profile by adding protein, fiber, vitamins, or minerals. Our preparations are often used as a “vehicle” for nutritional improvement. One area we are working on intensively with our customers is to find the best sweetening solution for the application at hand. We do not claim to have “THE ONE” ingredient for sweetening solutions; instead, we focus on our in-depth expertise in combining different ingredients and solutions to formulate a product reflecting the customer’s needs and meeting consumer expectations. We can therefore co-create tasty Nutri-Score A fruit yogurts with our customers, for example.

Other use cases of Nutri-Score improvements with the support of our preparations as the “vehicle” include increasing protein quantity and improving protein quality in plant-based dairy alternatives, fortifying ice creams with vitamins and/or minerals or improving bakery fillings by adding fiber.

With our longstanding formulation expertise, access to a broad range of ingredients, and technologies, we can support our partners in improving the Nutri-Score of various food products. By means of diverse product applications, we are able to provide a suitable solution or even combine different solutions in one preparation. This allows our customers to improve the Nutri-Score of their products without additional complexity on their side. The nutritional improvement comes into the final product via the preparation.


Are you curious to discover more? Get in touch with us! Jointly, we can develop tasty new products with a better nutritional profile meeting consumer demand for healthier choices while not compromising on taste or texture.


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!