”Indulgence" - The New Golden Opportunity

Consumers want it all, and they want it now.

”Indulgence" - The New Golden Opportunity

As of now, in addition to inspiring information on the Fruit of the Month and our AGRANA updates, we are also offering you insights into extraordinary food trends that we research from different sources all around the globe!

Consumers want it all, and they want it now. Healthy is good, but the new indulgence premium snacks are the real deal.

With nutrition topics increasingly splashed across the pages of media outlets, there is no denying that consuming healthy products of all types is a fast growing worldwide movement; but, at the same time (and partly because of this), there is also another growing trend: ”indulgence.” 

One could say that the healthier we eat, the more appealing indulgent treats have become. Every so often, these little luxury items contain nuts, cocoa, caramel or berries to satisfy our desire for a perfect “me time“ moment. For more information on indulgent brown flavors, please read our trend blog article, “From Salted Caramel to Tiramisu - Desserts Continue to Inspire!

Indulgence products are the more premium-flavored, enriched confections that are meant for various consumption occasions. An indulgence product needs to suit specific snacking situations, while offering value for money, and attract customers with new flavor experimentation. It is the kind of food that feels “worth it” to splurge on, as long as the experience feels special enough to be satisfying. Multiple layers, added toppings or inclusions can play a key role in injecting new flavors and excitement into the categories where consumers are looking for new sensorial experiences, like crunchy, crispy and creamy, among others.

Chefs are also putting a new spin on cuisine that makes “healthy’” equal “tasty.” Bold flavors such as matcha, ginger and chilies are packing flavor into desserts without adding calories. Leading segments in indulgence can be found in baked goods, frozen desserts, confectionaries, yogurts, bars, cereals, snack foods, and beverages. Healthy confectionaries are becoming more and more of a rich opportunity for growth in the food industry.

indulgent coconut

Coconut is a good example because it can be utilized in so many different ways, whether as a health-promoting product or as an indulgence food or beverage. The most trendy new flavor pairings for coconut indulgence products combine it with Brazil nut, caramel, chocolate, Kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and tropical fruits. From pie-inspired yogurts with coconut and lemongrass to little chocolate-covered coconut bites or various kinds of granola, coconut is one of the top ingredients to combine for daily luxury treats. Thailand, for example, uses “nata de coco,” which is a kind of dehydrated coconut juice, to add a crunchy texture and fine flavor to all kinds of desserts and beverages; the most popular of these mixes it with strawberries.

Small is the new big - portion control meets indulgence

In the US, the indulgence trend has inspired a whole range of stores, like “dessert boutiques” that offer precious little culinary gratifications, from topped yogurts to waffles, or combined creations like cronuts or cragels. Restaurants and coffee houses are offering mini desserts and samplers to share and create guilt-free indulgence moments. More and more “mini” products are being released by the food industry, such as tiny ice cream cones, little fruit skewers dipped in chocolate or caramel, and more.

Yogurt, fruit and savory indulgent flavors

Some new products have been pairing yogurt, fruit and savory flavors like chickpeas with mango or butternut squash and apple. These new flavor combinations add a fresh twist to the traditional dessert market offerings and are growing more popular. They are enjoyed as a stand-alone treat or combined with crudités. 

Pancakes take over Russia

The love for pancakes, or blintzes and blinis, goes way back in Russia, where it has its annual peak during “pancake week” (“Maslenitsa”) before the traditional Lent starts. Recently, the classic versions featuring jam, mushrooms or caviar have been updated by adding citrus flavors or zucchini to the batter and serving them with fruity sour cream or yogurt. Adding texture with coconut shreds is also becoming popular.


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