White Peach Addresses Need for Comfort and Novelty

White Peach Addresses Need for Comfort and Novelty

Hottest Consumer Trends and Trend Fruit in 2024


The zeitgeist is focused on a “back-to-basics” approach in many areas of our lives because of the multiple crises and increased uncertainty surrounding us in today’s world. For food and beverages, value and taste are more at the forefront than previously. For the upcoming year, we expect consumers to long for known comforts, but at the same time want some new nuances and excitement.

The main four global food & beverage trends of feel good, treasure world, in control, and enjoy & experience we identified last year in our trendblog article remain relevant. For 2024, some of the hottest topics in the food and beverage space are:

  • Regenerative farming and upcycling: The sustainability expectations of consumers paired with their need to be resourceful and savvy in their buying decisions. Regenerative farming practices to protect our planet and upcycled foods to avoid food waste are two hot topics for the upcoming year.
  • Connection with others: Recent years have proven to consumers how critical connections with others are for their overall wellbeing. As life has shifted more towards in-home, the casual family meal has transformed to become a way to escape daily routine. One in three consumers has encouraged their family to enjoy more meals together in the last year (Source: FMCG Gurus).
  • Permissible indulgence: It might sound contradictory or impossible to find the sweet spot between indulgence and health, but that’s exactly what consumers are looking for and many brands aiming at in 2024. According to Innova Market Insights, more than 50% of consumers globally are willing to compromise on indulgence for healthier food. Think about ice cream with added fibers or high protein yogurts with very indulgent flavor profiles. The possibilities are endless!
  • Star ingredients: Certain ingredients will take center stage in products. Protein has been a star ingredient for some time and remains in the spotlight. Besides protein, especially wholesome plant-based ingredients like fruit or vegetables are also trending.



Our star ingredient for 2024 is a fruit of course. As renowned global experts in fruits, we announce white peach as the trend fruit for 2024. White peach perfectly reflects the consumer spirit of our time by combining known comfort with an exciting new touch of this delicious and exquisite peach variety.

Peach has been a consumer favorite for a long time, whereby mostly yellow peach is used. White peach, specifically, is a different delicate and flavorful variety of peach, with fragrant floral notes and pinky-white flesh. We are observing the high-growth momentum of new food and beverage launches with white peach as their star ingredient and see even more potential here!




This is just the start! White peach offers versatile usage and pairing opportunities in many different food and beverage applications. Stay tuned for more from us on exciting new concepts and pairings of white peach in yogurts, ice creams, and beverages!


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!