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Numbers show that worldwide obesity has almost doubled since 1980. 70% of dieters have used more than one approaches to dieting, like meal replacement (Source: Mintel Diet Trends US).

Dairy protein, as found in Greek Yogurt is believed to be one of the keys to a healthy nutrition. Timing of protein in the daily diet has also been investigated. Research from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the effect of consuming a high protein breakfast concluding that a high protein breakfast improved satiety and reduced snacking throughout day. Equally important is a balanced blood sugar level which is improved with fruits like Blueberries, Grapefruit and Pineapple. All 3 are said to be excellent choices when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Another ideal way to manage the daily intake and keep up with your fitness program are fitness apps. Numerous diet apps for mobile phones and tablets allow people to track their food intake for free or at a minimal charge. Diet and Exercise programs should seek to seamlessly integrate with technology advances, as Weight Watchers has done with Jawbone and Fitbit.

Here are some trending apps to improve weight management: 

  • BMI Calculator for iphone and android to get information on your current Body Mass Index status.
  • Diet Assistant for iphone and android helps you find a perfect meal plan even if you are a vegatarian oder have dietory restrictions.
  • Diet Point for iphone and android helps you lose weight with a comprehensive collection of more than 100 different eating plans, fitting a wide range of tastes and goals.
  • 7 Minute Workout for iphone and android is based on research which found that doing seven-minutes of intense exercise is an efficient way to lose weight.

In short: what keeps us healthy and lets us stay in shape is a balanced protein and fruit based diet with a good amount of movement.

If you are currently working on a new weight management product, here are the hot tips from our New Product Development experts. They advise you of the trendiest fruit recipe around the globe!

 Europe: Trending now! Pineapple is at the forefront when it comes to weight management ingredients.

USA: Grapefruit - A must-have for a healthy diet. No fruit fits better than this month’s candidate!

Latin America: Pineapple, lemon and mint are perfect together or by themselves. They add valuable nutrition when eaten on a daily basis.

Eastern Europe: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“ is a timeless piece of advice in Europe, where apple and pineapple are the headliners when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Asia: The gang of “superfruits" is not complete without the grapefruit. Together with blueberries and strawberries, the grapefruit is an essential part of the Asian diet.

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