The world of fruits white paper

The world of fruits
white paper

White paper – the world of fruits: Deep dive into consumers’ relationship with fruit

In this “fruit paper” we publish the results of our proprietary consumer research conducted in 2021 into the world of fruits. As the existing research about the role of fruits was very limited, we undertook a deep dive into consumers’ associations with fruit.

We surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in Germany, France, USA, Russia, and China to find out about the associations consumers make with fruit and if they vary across product categories. We researched associations, emotions, consumption occasions, and sensory attributes for nearly 50 different fruits alone as well as yogurt and ice cream applications.

The results are shown in this white paper that guides you through validations of common beliefs, surprising details, and shows innovation possibilities based on consumer research insights into this fresh, tasty, and healthy topic: the world of fruits.

Download the “fruit paper” for:

  • Actionable insights into the world of fruits
  • Emotional and functional consumer associations with different fruits in yogurts and ice creams
  • Innovation ideas for new fruit blends or combination of fruits with other ingredients
  • Consumer perceptions of the sustainability and regionality of fruits


Download our white paper here


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For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!