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“World Foods” - combat
feelings of boredom with food

How to travel the world without leaving home


Food as a form of pleasure and indulgence has always been with us. Our 2020 consumer trend “live intense” is highlighting the importance food is playing in our life. It is all about experiences, discovering something new, having fun and feeling special.

One sub-trend within “live intense” is focusing on discovering the yet unknown food of other places in the world. “World foods” allows us to travel without leaving our home.

In recent years, travelling has increased steadily. In addition to consumers getting used to broadening their horizons when it comes to food and beverages, they also want to discover new things when they are at home – even more so during times of lockdowns or travel restrictions because of COVID-19. The Japanese cuisine is currently in the spotlight but also other emerging cuisines come from Central Asia and Africa.



Besides the need for comfort and safety by turning to known and established food and beverage products, many consumers also face the feeling of boredom. One way to combat this boredom is to increase the diversity of food.

This has already been a topic of interest among consumers before COVID-19: 64% of US consumers said they love to discover flavors from other countries (FMCG Gurus). We have picked this up in our trends with our sub-trend in “live intense” called “world foods”.

As many areas of the world are still facing lockdowns and highly restricted travelling, food can be a vehicle for consumers to travel the world without leaving home. We have heard stories about families picking a traditional dish from a different country every day when planning what to cook. If time does not allow for such an activity, turning to ready products with ingredients or recipes from various parts of the world can be a good option for a moment of escapism from the boring or unpleasant routine.

Imagine yourself sitting on your balcony, eating a mango juice yogurt or drinking a ginger and tea infused drinking yogurt. Doesn’t that automatically get you into a holiday mood?

Check out these concepts from around the world for some inspiration:



Do you feel inspired to launch your own “World foods” product? AGRANA Fruit is the right partner to support you in developing a solution that fits with current consumer needs and your brand. Let our innovation team co-create the next indulgent and affordable treat together with you.


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